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Blogging in the Age of Everything

I tend to want to spend my writing time...writing. Which isn't to say blogging doesn't count as writing, or that it's not interesting or compelling in some way to a lot of people--just that my sense of time being what it is, if I'm sitting at the computer trying to make words happen, I'd much rather it be on a work in progress.

But I'd also like to spend some time tracking the progress of my year and tracing the ups and downs I've had with writing, too, in a way that is maybe more accessible and useful to others than scribbling FUCK THIS in my notebook or writing defiant letters to my own worst critic (fear.)

And I need a place to talk about writing, my life, my goals out loud. Since everyone has a blog now, chances are no one will read this one! Even better.

Let's blog something in 2020. Not, like, a LOT. Or often. And certainly not good content. But something.

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